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Llogi Fas/Vase Hire


30cm - £2.00

Lily vase
60cm tall - £5.00

Kilner Jar
10.5cm tall - £2.00

We also have artificial bay trees to hire £45 a pair  (4.5ft approx)

Goldfish Bowls
 6" - £1.50
8" - £3.00

Glass Tank
                            10cm x 13cm - £2.00

Mirror cube
10cm - £2.50
14cm - £3.00

Pedestal stand
Adjustable height

40cm - £3.00

As always, Terms and conditions apply!  
1. You (the person hiring!) are responsible for the return of all hired items, with out damage.
2. Any damaged/missing items must be paid for at full retail value.
3. Although the hire prices are for 24 hrs, we allow you to collect them the previous day and have 2 days after to return them. a total of 4 days. Any delay may incur the extra daily hire fee, whether for full or part days. 

Please ask for details