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The designs below are just a few that we have previously created to celebrate these special Wedding Anniversaries. All the designs are available for any of the anniversaries and will include the appropriate colour flowers and/or "gems"! 
25th Wedding Anniversary –   Silver 
30th Wedding Anniversary –   Pearl           
40th Wedding Anniversary –   Ruby          50th Wedding Anniversary –   Golden  

 Silver and Pearl Anniversary Hand tie

              from £25 (£35 illustrated)

50th Golden Wedding Anniversary  

                Basket Arrangement and Hand tie
from £20 (£30 illustrated)

40th Ruby Wedding Anniversary  

Bouquet of red roses, lilies and foliage 

35th Emerald Wedding Anniversary 

Exotic hand tie arrangement from £30
(£45 illustrated)

 35th Wedding Anniversary –   Emerald       45th Wedding Anniversary –   Sapphire          60th Wedding Anniversary –   Diamond

          Diamond Anniversary Hand tie

from £25 (£30 illustrated)

Red rose and lily arrangement £22.50